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Rising of Covid Cases in Bhubaneswar makes Mandatory Wearing of Mask

The rising Covid cases in Bhubaneswar had now made it mandatory for people to wear masks in public places. The continuous growth of Covid positive cases, including children of 1-18 yrs in the state, has enacted several public laws.


The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has issued a notice mentioning the mandatory wearing of masks on public premises and avoiding public gatherings and crowds. 

It has been made mandatory for the schools and college students to wear masks and suggested not to go to school if they are suffering from fever or cold and if they show any signs and symptoms. 

It is strictly advisable for the children of age group 1-18 years, as they are not vaccinated. They are advised to have close contact with their friends and strangers. The chord districts and Bhubaneswar have witnessed a sudden rise in positive cases. The test centres are running short, and the BMC plans to increase the Covid Testing centres.

Reports claim students of primary schools along with the teachers have Covid symptoms, so the preventive measures are adviced to be taken. 

Amid the rise of cases, the Health Department or Office of Additional District Public Health Officer (ADUPHO) have asked the BDO of the Khordha blocks to submit the data of fully vaccinated students and teachers to resume the vaccination process in the schools.

Way Forward

It is advised to all the residents and natives of Bhubaneswar and Khordha district to wear a mask, use hand sanitisers, avoid public gatherings, and follow Covid norms. It is advised by the higher authority to the age group above 18 years to complete their vaccination as per the study; vaccines can reduce Covid death by one-third. Adding the advice, the Health Department or Office of Additional District Public Health Officer (ADUPHO) have asked the public to resume the habit of wearing a mask.


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