Scientists discovered the oldest black hole with intermediate mass

Scientists discovered the oldest black hole
Scientists discovered the oldest black hole

Back on Wednesday, the scientists announced their grand discovery of the oldest black hole. The researchers claimed that as per the present cosmic condition, the existence of the black hole is unbelievable. The cosmic monsters are so thick and dense that even the light cannot escape through the gravitational pull. The scientists provided a thorough description of the newly discovered black hole. Today’s post will thoroughly discuss the news piece. Hence, without making any further ado, let’s delve into the topic. 

Details on GW190521

According to the reports, the scientist named the black hole as GW190521. It took its form between two black holes. Moreover, it possesses the weight that is 147 times to the Sun’s mass. Moreover, the updates indicate that prior to this, scientists never observed such an “intermediate-mass”.  

Accounts of the scientists

The co-author of the study, Mr Stavros Katsanevas stated that this event is a revolutionary opportunity to learn about the formation of the black holes. While discussing the matter over the press conference, he urged “it is a whole new world”. 


More details on the discovery 

The team of the researchers stated that when a star collapses, it creates a stellar-class black hole. This particular back hole is between three and 10 solar masses. The previous findings of the scientists define the supermassive black holes. It was found right at the centre of the other galaxies like the Milky Way which range from million-billionths of solar-masses. Till now, the researchers could not find the black holes that have 100-1000th times bigger mass than the Sun. GW190521 is the first-ever evidence of a black hole having this mass. 

According to the statement of astrophysics Mr Michaela, it might lead to a paradigm shift in the black hole history.  She further added that the current findings prove that the frequent merger of mid-sized bodies could form supermassive black holes. Moreover, the scientists carefully concentrated on observing the gravitational waves that aged over 7 billion years when Gw190521 took its form. It developed through the collision of two little black holes that range respectively 85 and 87 solar masses. Stay tuned with us for getting more such news. 

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