The government organizations decided to debit home quarantine as official leaves

Government employees' home quarantine period will be counted as official leaves
Government employees' home quarantine period will be counted as official leaves

The Odisha government employees are showing their annoyance against the authorities. It is because some departments have begun regarding the home quarantine days as leaves. The same thing is applicable for those employees who are following the COVID-19 protocols as their acquaintances tested positive for the killer virus. In fact, some of the sectors have even asked the employees to stay at home if they are not positive but their family members are. The departments are deducting the earned leaves of their employees that they could have surrendered and converted into cash. To have more insights into the matter, make sure to read ahead.

Accounts of the General Administration department’s OAS officer

Considering a similar condition, an OAS officer from the department of General Administration that this initiative violates the GA’s order of March 19, 2020. Besides, he also mentioned if the same thing goes on the asymptotic COVID positive employees will report for saving the earned leaves. Thus, it could increase the spread of the deadly virus among the work place immensely.

What was in the GA’s order

Speaking of the GA’s order of March 19, it said of any employee feels unwell, he/she should take a leave immediately. Before leaving the workplace, the staff member should inform the superior officer. The order further mentioned that the employee should remain in home quarantine for 14 days. Moreover, it said that the department will count the necessary leaves as ordinary leaves. The same provision was provided to the government employees staying with their family members who have returned from abroad.

Nevertheless, the order never mentioned anything specific for the COVID-negative employees whose family members tested positive. A news surfaced that a government college teacher is now in home quarantine since her husband and son tested positive. However, the professor herself tested negative. The education department has said that this particular leave will be adjusted with her earned leaves.


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