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The Odisha State Election Commission is a puppet of the BJD government, according to the BJP.

The BJP has slammed the Odisha State Election Commission (SEC) for allegedly favouring the governing Biju Janata Dal (BJD). It’s ahead of elections to different Panchayat Raj institutions and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in the state.

The BJP‘s proposal comes only about a week before the State’s three-tier Panchayat elections.

On Saturday, a 7-member BJP delegation met with the SEC to voice dissatisfaction with several of the poll body’s key. The decisions about the upcoming elections to the State’s ULBs.

The team handed a paper to State Election Commissioner AP Padhi. He is requesting the Constitutional authority to operate independently and without bowing to the ruling party’s influence.

The BJP has expressed surprise at the recently disclosed timeline for revising the electoral list for the municipal elections.

While the government has set aside six days for the receipt of voter concerns. Just one day has been set up for the resolution of claims and objections between February 11 and 16.

The BJP has requested that the electoral board set aside at least 10 days for registering objections and no less than 3 days for grievance resolution.

The BJP has accused the SEC of favouring the BJD by calling the vote timetable a serious breach of Municipal election regulations.

“How is it possible to conclude the hearing of electoral roll concerns in a single day? It is appalling to observe how the State Election Commission operates at the direction of the BJD. If the election commission fails to operate independently and in accordance with the Constitution, we would not hesitate to take legal action “Golakh Mohapatra, a senior BJP official, stated

The SEC, on the other hand, has not responded to the BJP’s charges.


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