The Respected Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik Turns 74 Today

Odisha CM turns 74 Today
Odisha CM turns 74 Today

The Chief Minister of Odisha, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, turns 74 today. However, as he had announced the same before, he will not be celebrating his birthday today. Instead, he wants to look at the future of Odisha to turn around the current condition of the state.

Moreover, he has also insisted on his supporters, party loyalists, and the residents of Odisha to consider it as any other day. He has asked them not to visit his house, the Naveen Nivas, and, instead, help out the people who are in dire need of it.

Nevertheless, this is not the first time when the CM of Odisha had refused to celebrate his birthday. Previously, he had done the same in the year of 2016 as well. He did it for marking his solidarity with the soldiers who had lost their lives in the Uri terror assault.

According to him, people from Odisha have always given him enough love and respect. So, he feels blessed and happy. Thus, he does not really need to celebrate his birthday while his state’s residents need his help. He has always said –

“There is a great deal of reward when you do good work and people see how successful that work is and the happiness it brings to them.”

Naveen Patnaik took to the throne of the Chief Minister after the Super Cyclone of 1999. Thus, in a way, he began his journey by going through a difficult challenge. However, he did endure the whole thing and helped the state and its people to rejuvenate themselves.

After tackling everything by himself, he said –

“I may be inexperienced, but at least I come with a clean heart and a clean slate.”

Since then, he has become one of the role models of the state. He has made the core of Odisha even stronger to avert the damages caused by natural calamities. Moreover, he has tried to implement a better course of government jobs as well.

Thus, the number of jobless people, too, has reduced quite massively since the last few years. Before his reign, the economic background of Odisha was pretty feeble and miserable. Nonetheless, when he took the matter on hand, everything started to stabilize slowly yet proficiently.

Unlike the other CMs of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik has been quite realistic and futuristic as well. Since his inception, the focus of the state had turned to three things – infrastructure, education system, and the arena of healthcare.

Moreover, his 5T strategy signal has improved the technological aspect of the state, as well. In addition, he has been handling the COVID-19 situation pretty wisely as well. Since the last few weeks, the number of infected people has reduced exceedingly.

Furthermore, owing to the excellent discipline of the healthcare system, many people are getting COVID-free as well. Aside from that, he also plans to turn the SCB Medical College and Hospital into an AIIMS Institution to make a better future for the medical students of Odisha.

His government has also planned a road expansion project in Odisha. It will connect the most prominent healthcare institutes from the distant parts of the state. Aside from ambitious development, he is also trying to get the tags of world heritage as well.

Although he has done so much for the state, he did not really get too much importance from the others. So, on his 74th birthday, let’s give him the respect that he deserves and wish him the best for his future endeavors!

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