The Role of Letter Writing in the World of Emails and Text Messages

The art of letter writing has taken a huge hit over the past few years. Technology has almost erased the idea of writing letters from people’s minds. Nobody even thinks of writing a letter to anyone, be it formal or informal, unless it is deemed necessary. However, not one of those who have written or received letters at least once in their lifetime can ever forget the completely fulfilling experience it gave them. 

The world today is a fast-paced one, and if you do not move with it, it will move ahead of you. That is how it has been, and no one would ever think of writing a letter when there are emails and text messages that can get to whoever they are sending it to instantly. However, no one can deny the fact that anything handwritten feels a lot more authentic, genuine and heartfelt than something that is typed, even if it is with a lot of smileys. 

Letters are still considered relevant in schools and workplaces. These letters are called formal letters, and they are written for various purposes. In schools, students are asked to write a letter every now and then. If they are late to class or if they miss their attendance, they would be asked to write a letter of apology. A leave application for school, an application for a transfer certificate, a letter requesting for a conduct certificate, a permission letter to attend some event and so on are letters that would definitely be of use for students. 

Likewise, workplaces also appreciate and encourage the practice of letter writing as it would be easier for them to document all of it for future reference. If you are a person who is a regular employee, you would surely know the different letters that you would have to write from the time you start working till the time you leave. You would have also come across a lot of official letters from the management or your employer. An appointment letter, a leave letter, a relieving letter, letters expressing your concern over a particular service you avail of or your salary are all letters specifically written and documented for proof and record keeping. 

These are proofs that letter writing is not a lost art. Informal letters or friendly letters are completely out of sight but, no matter how many text messages and emails you send and receive, a handwritten letter can always make you feel a lot more special and cared for than a text message or an email. Imagine a letter with teardrops that have smudged the alphabets or a letter with cute drawings of little stick people, hearts and teddy bears. Who can say no to that, right?

Don’t you want to write a letter now? Why wait? Write a letter to your favourite person or someone you have not spoken to in a really long time. Find out how they react to your letter. Believe it or not, the moment would be priceless. Do not miss out on life’s sweetest little moments such as these. Enjoy the wonderful experience of letter writing and remember, you are never too old to write a letter.