Twitter has started rolling out a new feature to add brief description to trends

Twitter added new feature to add descriptions along with hashtags
Twitter added new feature to add descriptions along with hashtags

It often happens that several unusual topics become trending on the microblogging site Twitter. In fact, most of the time, the users are totally clueless about it. They really seek to search why a certain topic becomes so popular. Thus, to resolve all the queries of the users regarding the trending topics, Twitter has started rolling out an exclusive feature. The newly implemented feature would include descriptions and related posts to the trending context. The platform has announced this special feature today. The sole purpose is to provide a clear idea to the users the reason behind the hashtags getting viral. 

Statement of the Product Manager and Product Trust Partner 

The Product Trust Partner Liz Lee and the Product Manager Frank Oppong tweeted in a blog post about the new feature. They revealed that from today, some trendy posts will come with a representative Tweet. It would further help the users to have more insights into the post. Subsequently, you do not require searching on the web separately. The developer team of Twitter designed an algorithm to detect that the representative Tweets are not spam or abusive. It would also help the platform to identify if someone is taking advantage of the system. Moreover, they disclosed that both the iOS and Android users can avail of this new feature. 

More details on the news piece 

Through trending hashtags, the micro-blogging platform informs the users about the most talked topic in the country. Regardless to mention that the tool is great to acquire information regarding the current happenings. However, the trends are most of the time selected based on the topics you tweet or follow. In addition, sometimes, you get to see the trending posts according to your geographical locations. But, most of the users are totally unaware of why a topic becomes so popular in the nation.

That is why the platform included a new feature through which you will get to see a small description along with the trending post. Twitter has bestowed the responsibility of developing the descriptions by their curation team. Back in July, Twitter discovered that a number of accounts were using trends to present conspiracies. Thus, the platform took such initiative to halt this. 

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