What is an e-cycle? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

An electric cycle looks like a regular cycle but with additional electric components and can be found on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. It has a sensor, a motor, and a battery found in a regular bicycle. An e-cycle works a lot as a standard bicycle does. It has the standard pedals and handles, enabling you to ride the bicycle. Contrary to popular belief, the e-cycle isn’t a replacement for you having to pedal.

It just makes it easy for you to ride the bicycle. For example, when you are riding your bicycle on hills, it is often a struggle. With an e-cycle, this task becomes much more convenient and easier.

How does an e-cycle work?

As stated earlier, e-cycles have extra components that make them electric; the motor, the battery, and the sensor. An example of the motor is BDLC or brushless motor, which have a better torque to weight ratio and provide higher reliability than brushed motors. When it comes to batteries, lithium-ion batteries are often used in e-cycles in India. These are usually placed inside the frame of the cycle so that stability is ensured.

Sensors ensure you can use the electric bicycle in various modes. Often, bicycle companies offer three or more rider modes to assist, peal, cruise, and throttle. Each uses speed sensors to ensure proper riding.

What are the benefits of e-cycles?

Electric cycles have the following benefits.

Easy to ride

An electric cycle is easy to ride because you have a range of options. If you are having trouble pedalling, then you can use the pedal assist option on the e-cycle. This ensures lesser stress is placed on your thighs and knees. Whether you are riding your e-cycle on a hilly area or a rough terrain, you can navigate it better with an e-cycle because you have various riding options that you can choose from.

This makes it easy for longer rides and multiple types of terrain. This makes it a good choice for even the elderly who want to cycle because they can use the assist mode when riding a bicycle.

Faster and more comfortable

Traditional bicycles depend on you and your ability to pedal. The faster you pedal, the faster the bicycle is going to go. But with electric cycles, you have so many options that you can easily drive quicker and reach your destination much faster. It requires minimal effort to ride a bicycle, too, which is a big plus. If you live in an area with a lot of traffic, then an e-cycle can ensure a faster commute. With an e-cycle, you can use functions such as the pedal-assist, whereby you can ride your e-cycle more comfortably for longer times.

No license required

When you ride an electric cycle in India, you don’t need a license for the same. Electric bicycles come in the category of bicycles which is why a license isn’t required. These bicycles use less than 250 watts of energy, and they cannot be used for riding at higher speeds such as more than 40 kmph.

This means they are not motor vehicles. This means you don’t need insurance, license, and other documentation that is generally required for motorcycles, and so on. This enables not only you but your entire family to ride an electric bicycle with ease. This improves your fitness too.


E-cycles are environment-friendly. Climate change is becoming a global issue and tackling it; you can use an e-cycle rather than opt for cars and motorcycles. An electric bicycle is powered by electricity which means you only need electricity to charge it and then use it.

Once it gets discharged, you can then charge the bicycle again before using it. Compare this to a diesel or petrol car. Generally, e-cycles use about 150 watts of energy, while on the other hand, a car uses 15,000 watts or more. With e-cycles, you can improve air quality considerably.

Should you get an e-cycle?

Electric cycles are slowly making their mark and they are the future of cycling with their numerous benefits. Electric bicycles are comparatively pricier than traditional bicycles. Moreover, they require better maintenance and these costs are also high. However, e-cycles are more versatile, flexible, and you can ride them in various modes.

This enables you to have better control over the bicycle at any given time. If you are planning on commuting on an e-cycle or want to use it for the long term, you should consider getting one if you don’t mind the additional costs attached to it.

Whether you are looking for a cycle for men or an electric-powered cycle for women, you can easily shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. You can purchase your favourite cycle and repay the cost of the over a tenor of 3 to 24 months.