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Will National Education Policy 2020 will boost education system in India?

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Education Policy 2020 to introduce several changes in the Indian education system – from the nursery level to the college level.

The National Education Policy was framed in 1986 and later modified in 1992. 

Thereby, the following aims and objectives were taught under the new policy as follows:-


The NEP 2020 aims to make India an educational hub and an educational superpower globally. 

To assess and approve the standards of central govt. Owning institutions and making the concepts easy and understandable.

  • The policy seeks to standardize the education system with Indian languages, proper sanitization, scholarships, and stipends.
  • The policy will somehow encourage education for girls and transgender students as well. 
  • The NEP states that the center and state will work together to provide qualitative education to the students.  
  • The NEP will have 4 stages:(foundational, preparatory, middle, and secondary), while the old had only 2(nursery to 10th and 11th-12th).
  • Emphasis is given to the foundational stage.
  • Teaching up to fifth grade be in mother language irrespective of any geographical region.
  • Class 10th and 12th boards will be made easier so that concept clarity would be the main focus, rather than mug up facts.

Therefore, if implemented with a true vision and proper strategy, the new policy can take India to the threshold of excellence in the global arena. 

Hence, the New National Education Policy will bring many new opportunities for India. Moreover, the strategic scheme will help India attract more international students, giving them quality education. 

Undoubtedly, India will occupy the education industry and produce more scientists and global personalities.

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