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Yoga Benefits in Lockdown by Celebrity Yoga Trainer Mandeep Kaur Sandhu

Mandeep Kaur Sandhu is an acclaimed Teacher from The Bikram Yoga College of India – USA. She has trained under the maestro Bikram Choudhury, a pioneer in Hot Yoga all over the world. Post her training she has been an Instructor in Bikram’s Yoga Centre – Mumbai before she decided to take the initiative in developing her own series for the benefits of Yoga students in India and all over the world. She is 5 Times Gold Winner – National Yoga Asana Championship and was also interviewed by Delhi Magazine.

Mandeep Kaur is striving to share her vision in new ways and wishes to empower individuals to positively change themselves, and the world, through yoga.

Q: So Mandeep let’s know from the expert about the Benefits of Yoga in Lockdown?

Putting it simply, with almost every Gym in a shutdown mode and no permission to step out in the open for even a cardio workout, many people are falling in love with yoga, and that’s because they are discovering how wonderful it is for your mind, body, and soul. Just to sum up, I’ve come up with few significant reasons why yoga is the best way to survive lockdown…

Yoga in Lockdown benefits:

  • Yoga increases your flexibility.

Lockdown compels and confines one within the limits of their homes, which limits the movements of one’s body, muscles and eventually reduces their flexibility. Yoga postures when done in the right sequences, they help to increase the body’s range of motion. The balanced technique & performance of yoga postures help to ensure that stretching is done safely, allowing the nervous system to release the muscles into effective stretches and inevitably making the muscles strong to support the body weight. This reduces the risk of injuring ligaments and tendons, which can occur through more aggressive approaches to flexibility training. 

  • Yoga helps you to build muscle strength. 

Due to limited movements, and having no freedom to step out for a simple walk, jog, run, or a workout in the Gym, reduces the strength within the muscles, as they get lame. Yoga is actually a fantastic strengthening practice.. Yoga helps to strengthen the muscles that support the body’s weight, leading to functional strength. It is also fantastic for building core strength. Yoga is also used by many sportspersons, to increase their functionality, endurance and stamina. Yoga improves athletic performance and your functionality in everyday life, while keeping you safe from injury.

  • Yoga improves your Balance. 

One loses the sense of Balance due to restricted movements. Due to Lockdown, these days most people are WFH (Working From Home) wherein you spend a long time working at a computer, you may find yourself vulnerable to slumping with rounded shoulders. Over time the back muscles become weak, and the chest muscles become tight, exacerbating the rounded posture. Yoga can help you to stretch out the chest and strengthen the muscles of the back. One of the great things about the strengthening and stretching work of yoga is that it is a balancing practice. Yoga can help to address any muscular imbalances, lengthening tight areas and strengthening weak areas. Our posture can often deteriorate due to our habitual movement patterns during the day.. It can automatically self-correct to come into a healthier alignment throughout the day.

  • Yoga helps to keep your joints healthy. 

Lack of movements and exercise to our body weakens the joints, and muscles in our body. Yoga will strengthen the muscles around the joints, helping to stabilise them. By moving the joints in their full range of motion, one improves the flow of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints, allowing for smooth and healthy movement of the bones. Synovial fluid also delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients to the joint cartilage, helping to restore it and keep it healthy. Yoga helps those with problems such as arthritis and stiff joints.1

  • Yoga enhances endurance. 

It’s very easy to get frustrated with Lockdown situation, as it not just restricts the body movement it also restricts the mind of creativity, in turn weakening the endurance to resist depression, anxiety etc. Yoga is about uniting the mind, body and breath. In doing Yoga it brings you into the present moment. Yoga is particularly effective in promoting positive mental health. In Yoga certain kind of practice strengthens the immune system, improves social relationships and reduces depression & anxiety. 

  • Yoga reduces stress and pressure. 

Limitations and restrictions increases stress, as one is snatched away from his freedom. My it be freedom of movement or freedom of thoughts. The focus, centring and breathing of yoga all help to reduce stress and can be the ideal antidote to a hectic modern lifestyle. Yoga can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, physically and mentally. The relaxation and deep breathing of yoga can reduce high blood pressure even after the practice is finished. Certain postures such as Supported Bridge Pose, Legs Up The Wall Pose and of course Savasana or Corpse Pose are particularly beneficial for those with high blood pressure.

  • Yoga improves Lungs Health. 

Breathing oxygen is food of life, and due to Lockdown, one is confined within the limited space, without stepping out for days and months, one is breathing same air, day in and day out. The basis of yogic breathing practices lie in pranayama, or yogic breathing techniques. Controlled breathing can increase energy levels and improve lung capacity and breathing both in healthy adults and those who suffer from asthma. Thus it improves the capacity of Lungs to breath well, which directly enhances the life span of a person. Breathing well is the most significant food for life.

So, Lockdown can’t restrict Yoga practice, hence incorporate Yoga in your lifestyle.